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Digital Vision, Inc. is a software consulting company specializing in optical manufacturing systems, applications, and research.

DVI's OLA Award of Excellence VISION software system includes RxWizard™, an Internet component for ECPs and laboratories, as well as complete manufacturing Rx processing and extensive reporting for business management.

DVI's staff has broad experience in opticianry, computer software and scientific and business applications, and OLA Award-Winning Customer Support backs ongoing product development, research, and customer training.

Vision Web offers ECP's the ability to place and manage orders online. With an easy to use and intuitive interface, Vision Web makes it simple for you to enter orders while avoiding errors in recording the order, unclear faxes, etc. Since Vision Web is linked directly to our laboratory management software, you get increased order accuracy, the ability to check order status in real-time and improved customer service.

Vision Web has features such as remote on-line frame tracing, order batching and Product Validation which helps eliminate errors such as incompatible lens design and power range or coatings. Vision Web is also an excellent online resource for the eye care professional, delivering the latest news on treatments and developments in the ophthalmic industry.


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